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Why Craft Wine?

Wine country is not a single location.  Most of the wine we think of as coming from "wine country" is nothing more than large-batch, corporate wine.  We wanted something real, something handmade, something authentic.


We wanted to know we could meet the hands that made it. We wanted to know where the fruit came from.  We wanted to know for certain what we were drinking was craft wine, not something packaged to look like craft wine.

What we discovered is that wine country exists within an hour's drive from every major city in the US.  Handmade authentic wines just waiting to be discovered.   These are distinctly American wines, Craft Wines.  We fell in love over and over again.  Now you can too.

You won't find any industrially produced wines here.  Every wine on NxtCrush is certified by the Craft Wine Association as a Certified Craft Wine.  To learn more about Certified Craft Wine, see

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NxtCrush is sponsored by the Craft Wine Association.  Every winery on this site is a Certified Craft Winery, every wine is a Certified Craft Wine.

If you are a winery interested in participating, contact [email protected]

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